SKINN Barry Ennis
Name: Barry Ennis
Nationality: American
Occupation: Fitness Professional
Interests: Outdoor adventures, fitness, intellectual development
Why should you be the Face of Skinn?
My face is a face for the world. Through professional modeling experience In Los Angeles and Dubai, my face has been used to represent people from regions all over the world. It is a face of a man- one that has been through countless physical challenges through sport and recreation. For a Male skincare product line, my face is perfect to represent men the world over. As an outdoor adventure enthusiast and fitness professional, as well as a male model, I know not only the damage that a male face takes on a daily basis, as well importance of maintaining the perfect face.
SKINN Mohammad Afroz Sahil
Name: Mohammad Afroz Sahil
Nationality: Indian
Occupation: IT Administrator
Interests: Adventures, Learning new technology, Body Building, Modeling, swimming, Travelling, Acting & modeling profession.
Why should you be the Face of Skinn?
I have struggled a lot to be a well known model in Dubai and Face of skinn gave me a chance to gain popularity, self identity of my own personality and a good platform to strive further to achieve my ambitions. Why would I make the best model to represent Face of Skinn? Because I have the talent and versatility to represent the face of skinn and to carry the responsibility well and do the brand justice.
SKINN Mohamad Elkatat
Name: Mohamad Elkatat
Nationality: Lebanese
Occupation: Student - Biomedical engineering
Interests: music, basketball, singing, fashion, bodybuilding
Why should you be the Face of Skinn?
I think I have the requirements for the Skinn product, in fact, I think I truly represent the Skinn man.